• Action Stations live cooking & buffet modules
  • Action Stations live cooking & buffet modules
  • Action Stations live cooking & buffet modules
  • Action Stations live cooking & buffet modules
  • Action Stations live cooking & buffet modules
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  • Custom Design

Custom design

You imagine, define, design...Then, we bring your dreams to life

Our culinary expertise is unrivalled; our range is the biggest and the most extensive available in the world.

There's not a cooking style, a safe-food regulation, nor an elaborate Chef that we can't satisfy.

  • Cater without restriction – indoor, outdoor, power-free or otherwise.
  • Customize to suit your budget.
  • Individualize to fuse with your interiors.

Design with us, so they dine with you

  • Standard Shapes

Standard shapes

Select from our standard shapes and sizes...or create your own custom design

  • Culinary Options

Culinary options

  • Interchangeable Appliances

Interchangeable appliances

From an American breakfast, to an Asian noodle lunch, to an Indian curry dinner; create the lot!

Others seem to offer linen-free tables – but only for the short term.

  • A simple changeover is done in seconds and you're ready for your next menu highlight.
  • Interchangeable appliances offer great versatility through their rotation.

Why buy 3 stations? Buy the one, and offer many cooking styles

  • Swap Top

Swap Top interchangeable pods

Custom designed pods which hold any brand appliance or accessory offer great flexibility.

  • Beautifully constructed, well ventilated, and impressively stored.
  • Keep your stations active, and multi-useful.
  • Or take them to any function, use them on any benchtop.

Play with heights, swap the placements, or store them away and use the stations as credenzas

  • Interactive Kitchens

Interactive kitchens

For those serious about live cooking…

We're bringing the commercial kitchen out to the floor with a front-of-house wow factor.

  • Cater to large volumes with ease.
  • Decorate your stations to perfectly blend.
  • Combine your stations to create a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Connect your stations in any combination you desire.
  • Merchandize your event space to keep the mystery alive.

These show kitchens are your new main attraction.

  • Modular Side Stations

Modular side stations

Extend and excite

  • These side stations are the perfect accessories.
  • Design them to cook, hold, chill or store.
  • Extend your displays with our ice wells and work counters.
  • Link your buffet with our induction models or refrigerated counters.

Mix it up, liven it up...it's endless what you can create.

  • Odor Purifying & Ventilating
  • Safe Food & Electric Practices

Odor purifying & ventilating

Why smell and smoke out your guests?

Our carefully researched downdraft system is testament to our passion for delivering the most perfect indoor cooking practices.

  • A variety of models offering up to a 1000 cubic meters of draw capacity per hour.
  • Odor and smoke are filtered internally.
  • Purified air exits through floor level ducts.
  • Depending on your needs we tailor the exhaust function to best suit.

Perfect indoor live cooking….it's an art

Safe food practices

Have you washed your hands?

  • Global safe-food practices call for mandatory availability of running water facilities at every food handling site.
  • And so we designed a portable tap and basin module for interactive use amongst your stations.
  • Powered by either electricity or Electriko there are no more restrictions, no more excuses.

Sanitize, don't compromise


Safe electric practices

Everyone's safety is everyone's responsibility

The embedding, use, and transporting of mobile appliances is stern business. And our attention to this is impeccable.

  • Correct ventilation for each embedded appliance is imperative.
  • Cables that are clipped and channeled away from all potential liquid pours are critical.
  • Safety switches which minimize the damage of any electrical accident are obligatory.
  • The correct distribution of power to avoid an electrical overload is essential.
  • A fire blanket that comes standard with all our holding and cooking stations is quite simply, a good idea.

Each one of our stations is assessed by certified electricians and each high quality appliance is vigorously tested. No compromise.

Who wouldn't insist on certified electrical equipment, and their correct installation?

  • Electriko


Built-in rechargeable battery kits

Battery power...Go anywhere anytime

  • An incredible option for ultimate catering freedom.
  • These high-powered batteries will perform up to 3 hours of service depending on the appliance.
  • Adaptable to induction holding, ice cream, sushi stations, beverage bars and other lower amperage appliances.
  • Easy and quick to recharge..
  • Battery technology does not cater to high amperage cooking appliances.
  • And so, this visionary Chef battery charged his downdrafts and opted for gas cooking.

Ultimate catering freedom

  • Bar & Barista Stations

Bar & Barista stations

Mix, shake stir or serve your way through any event with our designer collection of beverage stations and barista bars

  • Back Bars

Back bars

  • Customize their design to suit your needs and interiors.
  • Equip them with power supply for coffee service.
  • Light them up with colored halogens to highlight their display

  • Body & Top Finish Choices - Laminate
  • Body & Top Finish Choices - Solid & Alt Colors
  • Top Finish Choices - Stone

Body & top finish choices

Laminate wood grains. Indoor surfaces.

Body & top finish choices

Laminate solid & alternative colors. Indoor surfaces.

Top finish choices

Stone colors.

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