• Rollaway mobile conference table system

    Rollaway mobile conference table system

  • Rollaway mobile conference table system

    Rollaway mobile conference table system

  • Rollaway mobile conference table system

    Rollaway mobile conference table system

  • Rollaway mobile conference table system

    Rollaway mobile conference table system

  • Rollaway mobile conference table system

    Rollaway mobile conference table system

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  • Fold & Roll

Fold and roll

Yes...this table rolls. Never carry a table again.

  • It's a table that never needs carrying.
  • It's a table whose speed of handling is 5 times faster than all others.
  • It's a table with not an inch of sway or wobble.
  • It's a table that converts into 3 different styles.
  • It's a table which, in just one size, can service all your event needs.
  • It's a table truck whose storage is half what you expect.
  • It's a table whose edges are indestructible.
  • It's a table that never touches another during handling and storage, ever.

And therefore it's a system that delivers perfect linen-free presentations over the long-term.

Beauty with brains

  • Table Transformation

Table transformation

Choose how you use me

  • Stand alone
    As a stand-alone table I have unrivalled beauty. I am a work of art.
  • Optional fold away modesty panel
    Sometimes I require modest privacy and my skirt comes down.
  • Optional fold away skirting panel
    For those days when I need full coverage, a 3-sided panel completes me. And it allows me to be anything you want me to be - registration desk, check in counter or display unit.

One table, 3 faces

  • Rock Edge Protection

Rock edge™

Smart top technology

In short this edging is virtually indestructible.

  • It's a polyurethane which is injected into the tabletop.
  • It's non-removable as it chemically bonds to the wood core.
  • Features 90-degree angled corners which will not break or chip if the tables are dropped.

Rock edge – the future in table science

  • Table Linking

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Perfect linear linking

Thanks to Rock edge, you can seamlessly link your tables

This is a revolution in table management that you need to be a part of

In short this edging is virtually indestructible.

  • Right angle corners of Rock edge™ allow a seamless linking of tables.
  • No more old-fashioned gaps that rounded corners produce.

One table does it all

  • Modesty Panel

Modesty Panel

  • Securely clips under the table top when not needed.
  • Drops down effortlessly and quietly when required.
  • Available in solid, perforated, slit, laminate and custom finishes.

A stylish adaption

  • Skirting Panel

Skirting Panel

  • Patented 3-piece folding registration panel.
  • Sits under and inside the tabletop to avoid the square-box look.
  • Hinged design allows you to fold it flat for storage and transport.

Convert your table into a chic counter…registration, coffee, display; it's endless

  • Data & Power

Power & Data

  • An accessory that clips to the table when required.
  • Channel electricity and / or multimedia to the tables.
  • Link the connectivity to multiple tables through the one powered table.

Impress your modern conference clients

  • Formidable Logistics

Formidable logistics

Save 50% of your valuable floor space through our vertical table storage.

  • Roll your tables into their truck via a patented ramp design, and store your tables upright rather than horizontal.
  • This vertical truck heralds a new era in table handling.

Fold, roll, and store.

  • Protective Storage

Protective storage

If your tables touch in storage you cannot deliver linen-free presentations.

Others seem to offer linen-free tables – but only for the short term.

  • Our transport trucks guarantee the protection of your table tops for decades.
  • Cushioned swivel bars separate the tables whilst stored.
  • Tables are kept rigidly upright through transport.
  • Tables will never touch...Ever.
  • This is a long term protection and preservation of your linen-free table investment.

  • Table Top Finish Choices
  • Leg Finish Choices
  • Leg Style Choices

Table top finish choices

Laminate wood grains & solid colors. Glass option also available.

Leg finish choices

Chrome, brushed stainless steel & baked enamel color choices available.

Leg style choices

  • T-leg model
  • Arch leg model
  • H leg model

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