It must move you…

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IHS Factory Keysborough Melbourne

New innovation moves us

It must be a pleasure to see, touch and use.

It must be a seamless transition between setup, service and breakdown.

It must reduce your operational costs in every motion.

Design Philosophy

Latest collection

Tomorrow Range

Designed with the future in mind, this collection allows you to customise, profit from and innovate your business’ hospitality offering.


Do away with printed labels and the laborious task of hand-crafting tent cards with our custom, wireless e-labels that display information in real time.

Shrouds & Guards

Created with some of the world’s best chefs, our shrouds and guards collection have been designed with invisibility in mind.

From the very beginning this business has been about leading with your passion and doing what you believe is right. The way we think, the way we create and the way we deliver – it must move you.

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People we have moved

We’ve always been very selective about who we collaborate with. They must share our insatiable appetite for design perfection, be in tune with our sustainability ethos and be aligned with our forward thinking practices.

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