8 Oct 2021

CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park

Centrepiece at Melbourne Park is the new jewel of the city’s event spaces. Located in in the heart of Melbourne’s sports and entertainment precinct, it boasts beautiful skyline views and offers incredible accessibility.

IHS are proud to have worked with other venues within the precinct, such as the AAMI Park and Rod Laver and John Cain Arenas. So, we were delighted when Centrepiece wanted to collaborate with us to help them realise their F&B operating requirements. We always try to work with companies whose ethos aligns with ours, and Centrepiece’s sustainability credentials certainly match ours.

Centrepiece at Melbourne Park

Centrepiece Furniture Series Video

The Brief

Working closely with Delaware North, NH Architecture, Lendlease and Development Victoria, we were thrilled to be involved in the project from its infancy. Our main brief was that the venue wanted to create a bespoke guest experience and wanted the interiors and operating equipment to match the architectural vision of the venue while meeting sustainability targets. Customisation is key to IHS’ ongoing success, and we were proud to step up to the plate.

What is sure to become an iconic venue, the designers considered everything in great detail. They called on us to ensure that the F&B operating equipment – tables, buffets, bars and live cooking stations – did not look like anything available to anyone, but rather, sang in unison with the décor.

  • The cladding on our bars matches the cladding on the walls of the ballroom.
  • Our buffets and cooking stations sport the same fluted cladding and match the colour of the ceiling.
  • The edges of our cocktail tables were reshaped to complement the lines of the room.
  • Even the refuse receptacles have the same cladding.
  • The conference and banquets table finishes tie in beautifully with the various rooms’ aesthetics. These are tables that are designed to be used linen-free for the long-term. The savings in never having to cloth tables are astronomical. Better still, not having to launder these tablecloths offers huge energy-saving benefits. Great for the bottom line and the environment.

Another key feature of the project was Centrepiece’s consideration of service efficiency. IHS was able to accurately advise on the number of stations (including waiters’ stations) required to provide the best possible guest experience.


IHS, wherever possible, uses recyclable stainless steel. The woods we use are from certified quick-growing hybrid pine plantations. We source green-rated vendors and use environmentally friendly packaging. The multi-use aspect of our designs ensure unnecessary products are not purchased. Everything we do is designed to operate and store for the long-term – our products are not destined for landfill any time soon.

All in all, this project presented a cohesive and unobtrusive design philosophy aimed at making events seamless, visually inspiring and commercially profitable.


IHS would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals who we loved working with….


Lara Burnes and team, Centrepiece
Hilary Mangazva, Delaware North Australia
Chloe Mikronis, NH Architecture
Ken Chow, Lendlease
Tatiana Franc, Development Victoria
Ryan McGill, Tennis Australia