8 Oct 2020

COVID innovations: Does safety always need to be ugly?

Checklists, fluorescent orange and caution stripes are impossible to avoid at the moment.

Fine on a worksite or airport, but loud and intrusive to our industry which has aesthetics and the senses at its heart.

That’s why we designed our Guards with beauty and elegance in mind, letting the chefs, the cuisine and the theatrics do the real work.

Our Guards were designed, as usual, with all aspects of innovation considered; functionality, commerciality, and the part no one ever gets right – aesthetics.

People’s eating habits are changing, and the theatrics of food and hospitality experiences are more important than ever. Not to mention the way we mentally link the clean-ness of food with the cleanliness of its presentation.

But there’s no reason the two can’t co-exist beautifully.

Our innovations work with safety standards, but more importantly the artists, the chefs, the experts whose work is encased in these Guards.

Not too dissimilar to the contrast of a great, stark gallery, against the opulent art that hangs in its space.

So while our tables are like art galleries with some of the world’s best paintings on show, our Guards are the encasements, each showcasing their own prized Monet.

Because the experience should feel like pulling up the curtain and enhancing the show, not making the audience feel separated from it (although that’s the very important job it’s doing).

In light of this, we’re excited to unveil our newest innovations in Guards, and this is just the beginning. We’re collaborating with the world’s best and are evolving our safety options constantly – watch this space.