30 Jan 2021

What moves you: Five minutes with world-class chef Marc Ehrler

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IHS is passionate about our industry and its future, especially those we collaborate with who share that passion. This is why we’re spotlighting those who motivate us and celebrate the way they’re moving our industry forward.

Marc Ehrler is an inspiring example. A world-renowned chef, global citizen and no stranger to the hard graft of creating perfection. Read below for my five-minute Q+A on what’s moving him most about our industry at the moment.

Hailing from the Antibes, a town made famous by Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Picasso, and now based in the Americas, Chef Marc Ehrler, Hilton’s Vice President and corporate chef for the Americas tells us what moves him in the industry.


What parts of your craft keep inspiring you?

It’s all about evoking emotion and creating a full sensory, memorable experience. Putting a smile on people’s faces, creating spaces that stir the senses, and work environments that inspire and motivate team members – these are the three key ingredients to world-class service.


What are your thoughts for how the industry can keep moving forward in the current climate?

Be creative, understand the financial impact of all actions before implementing them, and always think fast. Because to produce high-end cuisine is artistry – you’re commanding the movement of the senses in the room – you need to constantly create excitement. You need to continue doing that in new and interesting ways that don’t go out of reach.


What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self if they’re joining the industry now and wanted to succeed?

Some skills have to be learned and will take time to master. Don’t rush it, trust your intuition and only do what feels right.


What’s the best hospitality experience you’ve had and why?

It all started with my Grandmother, who passed down her passions. She’d look at us in the eyes – that same personable philosophy applies today, every day. Eating, hosting, enjoying good food and good company were things I learned from my family and lessons and memories I’ve drawn on throughout my career. It’s where the heart in everything lies.


Who are some people or places that you think are uniquely innovative in the industry at the moment?

Today, everyone is – we don’t have the choice not to be. IHS is a great example of a company taking a lead and supporting catering of the future.

Our industry needs inspiration more than ever. Chef Marc Ehrler is a great example of that. If you know of anyone else who’s moving the industry forward, we’d love to hear about them. 

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