19 Aug 2020

Why does innovation shine in tough times?

An open letter from IHS Founder Nick Polidoros

Yes, these times are tough, but perhaps that’s just opportunity knocking.

At IHS, we’ve been in so many different regional markets over the last 30 years, and in so many different booms and busts that we know what keeps our industry alive – the ability to be always innovating.

Yes, things are changing, but maybe that change is a good thing?


Fluid functionality is more important than ever, as Master Chef Adam Lieu states in this future prediction.

Image of Nick Polodoros, founder and CEO of IHS Design (Global Alliance)



I agree – that’s been at the heart of what we’ve been designing since we started. We are not clairvoyants, we’ve just been listening to and collaborating with the world’s best from the Peninsula, to Armani, to Raffles and Four Seasons, and more…

In this “low touch” economy, your service will be more curated and choreographed, and that’s exactly what our exciting new range is built for. They are the tools that’ll help your operation adapt, maximize efficiency & profits and shine.

Today I’d like to give you an exclusive sneak preview of this range. Because I’m immensely proud of what this could do for your business today, tomorrow and the future of our industry.

It’s the fruits of our labor, our creativity, experience and commercial mindset.

Do I risk being copied by my less creative competitors by showing this exciting range?

It’s an annoying form of flattery that has become inevitable every time I take the lead.

But I liken this to the greatest albums of all time. You can play the covers but you will never match the original mastery nor will you leave a print on history.

For a preview of our new range, if you’d like to talk about what inspired it, and where we are headed next, please contact me today.