Design and innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We research, prototype, and manufacture all our products in-house. Our innovations are some of the most emulated in the industry.

Over the past 30 years we’ve collaborated with some of the world’s best in hospitality, creating innovations that have stood the test of time and become hallmarks of design in their own right.

The Butler

When Armani Hotels wanted to offer the most sophisticated In-Room Dining experience they sought the expertise of IHS, and we developed The Butler to match Armani’s renowned sense of timeless and understated elegance.

Cross Cube

Hilton International wanted to challenge the outdated traditional clothed buffet service, and they trusted IHS to develop the Cross Cube. This revolutionary system provides limitless, linen-free possibilities and has transformed the once drab into something guests and staff alike find inspiring.


Andaz came to IHS when they wanted to spearhead the concept of linen-free meetings with dining capabilities. The Xilo range offers a world-first timber folding-leg table, adding a natural warmth to any event.

21st Century Design

As digital awareness and engagement continue to skyrocket, all major hotel chains have turned to IHS to keep their food and beverage offerings relevant to an ever-discerning clientele.

Bringing your visions to life.

If you envision something that you haven’t seen in our collections, we can create something unique for you.

We have extensive experience collaborating with premier brands globally. Customisation is our specialty.

Custom Design

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