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Cross Cube table, table top, table top frame, table base EM002182048-0001 / EM002182048-0002 / EM002182048-0003 / EM002182048-0004 / AU2013206099 / US8925468 / USD692709 / USD692708 / USD744268 / USD744267 / USD693161 / USD703473 / USD744266 / USD708463 / USD753944 / USD749880 / USD785988 / USD749881 / USD750403 / USD662735 / USD693613 / GB90021820480001 / GB90021820480002 / GB90021820480003 / GB90021820480004

Cross Riser USD693162 / USD693157 / USD693614

Z-Rack mobile tray rack GB2074165

T-fold service trolley USD744712 / EM002400663-0001 / EM002400663-0002

Freefold folding room service table GB2074166 / AU350784 / AU358785 / GB90024006630001 / GB90024006630002

Caddy vertical table truck AU2010202334 / EP2258599 / US9809241 / DE2258599 / GB2258599

Rack Cube catering tower & trays AU201815386 / AU201815387 / AU201815388 / EM006286209-0001 / EM006286209-0002 / EM006286209-0003 / US29/682507 / GB90062862090001 / GB90062862090002 / GB90062862090003

Table skirting panel EM001661760-0001 / GB90016617600001 / USD653880