Cross Cube buffet nesting & cocktail tables.


A whole new world of greater, multi-use tables.

We have furnished some of the grandest event spaces in the world and know what is required to meet the demands of organisers and guests alike. That’s why the Cross Cube has been engineered with logistical ease and storage in mind. Our solutions protect your investment and generate profits.

The hero of our buffet collection, the Cross Cube is the world’s most popular system and provides reversible tabletops, long-term linen-free design, flexibility and customisation. Roll in with ease and within 10 minutes you are set up to serve over 300 guests. Others have copied it, but none have mastered it.

An indestructible edging for lifetime protection of your table tops

A stainless steel frame will always protect your table edges guaranteeing long-term linen-free presentations.

Can this table get any smarter?

Table top reversibility is a standard offering on the Lock and Corner Top models. A new look for lunch, a new look for dinner. Mix and match woodgrain finishes or try a glass and laminate combination.

Round tables. Nothing but the shape has changed.

Round cross cubes add another dimension to presentations. Mix them in with square tops. Use them just for cocktail functions.


Varying heights allow for creative cocktail party set-ups of any size.


Like all Cross Cubes, our cocktail tables can be customised with finishes to complement any interior.

Transport & storage

Each truck holds a complete set of tables and is engineering to accommodate even the tightest of thoroughfares and storage areas.

  • Artisan Oak Laminate Artisan Oak
  • Belgian Oak
  • Black Matt
  • Cavia Lini
  • Char Oak
  • Cinder
  • Drifted Oak
  • Florentine Walnut
  • Gesso Lini
  • Maison Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Nickel Matt
  • Polar White Matt
  • Soft Walnut
  • Storm
  • Truffle Lini
  • Painted Antique White
  • Painted Black
  • Painted Buff It
  • Painted Burgundy
  • Painted Charcoal
  • Painted Hogs Bristle
  • Painted White
  • Translucent Bronze Tinted
  • Translucent Clear
  • Translucent Frosted
  • Translucent Grey Tinted
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Anodic Bronze Satin
  • Black Mannex
  • Black Matt
  • Black Satin
  • Copper Pearl Satin
  • Fresh Gold
  • Magnetite
  • Manor Red
  • Olde Pewter
  • Onyx Pearl Gloss
  • Silver Metallic Gloss
  • Stone Beige
  • White Satin

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