Banquet & conference Pop Top.


Maximise the versatility of your tables, converting a conference to banquet in minutes..

Spend less on a multitude of shapes and sizes and save more in the long term by investing in a table that can shapeshift for you.
Pop Tops securely attach to our Rollaway conference tables, providing venues with long-term operational flexibility and efficiency.

No need to purchase separate banquet tables.

The Pop Top securely attaches to a base model conference table to satisfy banquet needs.

The Pop Top is a labour-saver like no other.

Leave your conference tables in your ballroom and convert them to dining tables in less than 10 seconds per table.


Spend less, save more

Why buy multiple tables? In fact, why buy banquet tables ever again? The Pop Top is a money-saver like you won’t believe.

Convert to extended conference table

Extend your seating capacity with a conference Pop Top.

Smart top technology

Rock Edge polyurethane edging that will not break or chip.

  • Artisan Oak Laminate Artisan Oak
  • Belgian Oak
  • Black Matt
  • Cavia Lini
  • Char Oak
  • Cinder
  • Drifted Oak
  • Florentine Walnut
  • Gesso Lini
  • Maison Oak
  • Natural Oak
  • Nickel Matt
  • Polar White Matt
  • Soft Walnut
  • Storm
  • Truffle Lini

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